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Information Update

September 2018

The Reserved Matters Planning application for Crest Nicholson’s development of the land off Bath Road, Keynsham has been approved by Bath & North East Somerset Council and the company has now commenced on constructing the site.

If you have any queries or concerns about the site please email us using the feedback section of this website to contact us.

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March 2018
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Land South of Bath Road. Keynsham

Reserved Matters Planning Application for 250 dwellings and Full Planning application for 11 dwellings.

Crest Nicholson submits applications

Above: The application site - highlighted in red. The application will only include land within the red-line, not outside it.

What is a Reserved Matter's Planning Application?

Crest Nicholson has submitted comprehensive proposals for 261 units and associated Public Open Space (POS), amenities and infrastructure including a Reserved Matters application of 250 homes and a separate Full Application for 11 units.

The land which is the subject of this reserved matters and full Planning application was allocated for new housing development within the adopted Bath and North East Somerset Core Strategy under Policy Ks3a (2014); and was granted outline planning consent on October 2017 for a residential development with associated uses (16/00850/out).

The RESERVED MATTERS application addresses all of the detailed design aspects of the development - from the materials that will be used to build each house - to street lighting, road surfacing, play spaces and the plants that will be used to landscape the site.

The Detailed Layout Plan.

This is the detailed layout for the site that has been submitted to the planning authority. It’s important to note that key aspects of each application - both the ‘Reserved’ and the ‘Full’ may be subject to change and revision as the District Council’s statutory consultation process progresses. These are early days in that process.

The proposed site plan - Zoom in and pan around for a more detail

The proposed site plan - Zoom in and pan around for a more detail

  • Block paving
  • Macadum
  • Public Open Space/Highway Verge
  • Plot Soft Landscape
  • Watercourse
  • Existing Tree/Hedge Retained
  • Proposed Childrens Play
  • Proposed (indicative) tree planting
  • 1.8m Boundary Walling
  • 1.8m Boundary Fencing
  • Affordable Unit
  • Private Drive
  • Plot Number / Parking Number / Visitor Parking
  • Pedestrian Access Gate
  • Site Boundary
  • Bin & Composting

Key Features of the development

A development of up to 261 homes.
A mix of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom homes.
Land for a new Primary School

The Landscape Plan.

Generous amounts of open space have been retained and enhanced within and around the proposed housing.

A contemporary and simple high quality landscape using natural traditional materials is proposed aiming to create a parkland feel that enhances the use of public space.

All the trees and hedgerows of note highlighted within the Core Strategy and POS consent as being significant will be retained and new planting will be provided on key areas as development edges and parks.

A play area is proposed at the centre of the development integrated within the linear park.

Community allotments and an orchard will be provided within the linear park.

The proposed site plan - Zoom in and pan around for a more detail

The proposed site plan - Zoom in and pan around for a more detail

  • Land in control of the applicant
  • Site Boundary
  • Mown Greenspace
  • Meadow Greenspace
  • Wetlands Meadow
  • Wet Meadow Plug Planting
  • Aquatic Planting
  • Coir Mats
  • Permanent Water Level
  • Existing Watercourse
  • Private Greenspace
  • Planted Beds
  • Proposed Woodland
  • Proposed Trees
  • Existing Retained Trees
  • Proposed Native Hedge
  • Proposed Hedge

Five main open spaces form the key components of the landscape setting:

1. Bath Road Gateway

This space is the main gateway and the only vehicular access to the site. Buildings fronting Bath Road will be generously set back, keeping the building line and allowing a wide green space with retained vegetation enhanced by new planting.

2. The Community Square

The main gateway space to the school will be a focal point for the local community, designed along shared surface principles - as a location for community events and a convenient waiting space.

3. The Village Green

A green space next to an existing playground, well enclosed by hedgerows and short runs of terraced housing. This space has been provided in response to local demand.

4. The Linear Park

It forms the centrepiece of the neighbourhood and is proposed as a multi-purpose Public Open Space. Allotments with orchard trees are proposed alongside a large area of parkland for informal leisure and recreation.

5. The Wetland

An attractive gateway from the north west that attenuates site-wide water run-off and extends to the east through a riparian corridor, providing permanent water bodies and new aquatic and marginal habitats for wildlife.

Artists Impression

Street and House Designs

A clear hierarchy of new streets and public open space is proposed. Streets design is consistent with manual for street recommendations. Where primary routes are provided, foot and cycle path will be separated from the vehicular traffic by a landscape area including trees, grassland, required equipment and occasional parking bays. Secondary streets will present an upstanding kerb with wide footways. Where shared surface streets extend, a pedestrian priority environment is proposed, with a well connected cycle and foot network. This is following the Core strategy and the outline planning consent.

Public realm materials will be similar in colours, tones and textures to the one used in dwellings.

Keynsham elevation Scene BB

Some examples of the type of homes that will be built on the site. - Scroll left and right, map to the left shows scene location.

Keynsham elevation Scene CC

Some examples of the type of homes that will be built on the site. - Scroll left and right, map to the left shows scene location.

Keynsham elevation Scene DD

Some examples of the type of homes that will be built on the site. - Scroll left and right, map to the left shows scene location.

Artists Impression

A Full Planning application has been submitted to develop a further 11 dwellings on the site comprising a 6-unit apartment block and 5 individual houses.

New 11-dwelling apartment block layout plan.
Keynsham apartment block elevation scene

Apartment Block Elevation

What's your view?

Please use this feedback form to record any comments and views you may have about the development proposals. The feedback we receive will be shared with members of Crest Nicholson's technical team to help guide and inform the design of the site.

Simply click the Send Feedback button when you have completed your comments.

The feedback comments will be recorded verbatim in a Statement of Community Involvement which will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority as part of a future planning application. A unique reference number will be assigned to each comment; any direct personal data in the comment is redacted. Please read our Privacy Notice for further details.

The email, website and Freepost response facilities will be available throughout the statutory consultation period.